About TBWCo

The Bangalore Wine Co!

Located just 50 kms from the heart of the city, Soma Vineyards is a 100 acre oasis nestled at the foot of Maakli Hills and at the edge of Gundamgere Lake. It is one of the most picturesque new world vineyards and is set to emerge as a unique wine tourism destination. Tranquil and serene could not more appropriately describe the surroundings.

The Vineyard, follows permaculture principle wherein the vines are planted along the contours against the slope so the trenches arrest the topsoil erosion. Growth of coconut trees, spicy black pepper and local aromatic shrubs has resulted in a distinct terroir effect on our grapes and wine. The white grape varietals are planted nearer to the lake to take advantage of the microclimate and the lower temperature near lake area. Another unique effect comes from the grapes planted on the lake side, which has added a crisp lemony, fruity Riesling-like flavour to our sauvignon blanc.

The estate holds a state of the art underground winery, enabling visitors to have an unhindered 360 view of the scenic vineyard. It is one of the first gravity fed wineries in India and has an inbuilt capacity of 3 lakh litres in tank and 2 lakh litres in barrels.

An amphitheater, wine tavern and restaurant make this an ideal venue for corporate events, social outings and weddings.

The Maakli fort and temple at the Maaklidurga peak makes for an ideal trek, while the Gundamgere lake and reserve forest makes for an idyllic nature retreat.